Technical Field Services

Rapid Response Testing, Maintenance, and Field Service for High Voltage Systems

Wismer & Rawlings field service teams are on call 24 x 7, serving clients across British Columbia, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories. We are trained, equipped and experienced in testing, maintaining and servicing high, medium and low voltage systems for all industries and technologies.

At Wismer & Rawlings, we ensure that electrical systems of all voltage classes run efficiently, reliably, and safely. We are equipped with the latest testing technologies from Doble, Vanguard, Megger and others, so we can increase efficiency and identify issues, and predict problems before they occur. We build and maintain strong working relationships with each of our clients. Our field technicians understand each installation’s specific requirements and each client’s specific needs.

For the lifecycle of your electrical installation

We support our clients through the complete lifecycle of their electrical plant and equipment—from the engineering, design, and commissioning of new systems, to ongoing performance testing and maintenance as systems are retrofitted and upgraded to maintain and improve performance. The result is less downtime, reduced operating costs, increased efficiency and safety, and longer operating life.