Bulk Handling Facilities

Electrical Field Service for Bulk Handling Facilities

Minimize costly downtime and loss of productivity with independent, professional field testing and maintenance of electrical power equipment.

Serving clients in bulk handling of LNG, coal, grain and sulphur

Wismer & Rawlings has decades of experience providing expert maintenance, commissioning startup service and emergency repairs to major customers operating bulk handling faculties of all kinds. Our field service personnel are trained and equipped with the latest technologies for analyzing and detecting faults and potential weaknesses in power systems, and making prompt, effective repairs or preventative measures.

Our objective is always to minimize our clients’ downtime and maximize their productivity, while enhancing the safety and performance of their electrical systems and the valuable equipment that they power.

As an independent testing agency, we provide unbiased, certified service, working to meet our clients’ schedules and budgets while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Electrical maintenance testing and shutdown planning

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit breakers

  • Transformers

  • Relay protection

  • Cable testing

  • Ground grid

Commissioning and startup service

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit breakers

  • Transformers

  • Relay protection

  • Cable testing

  • Ground grid

Engineering services

  • Protection and control design

  • Relay protection upgrades

  • Coordination studies

  • Short circuit studies

  • Arc flash studies

  • Power quality monitoring

  • Engineering support

Specialty and transformer services

  • Doble Insulation Power Factor testing

  • Doble Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) testing

  • Assembly

  • Vacuum filling

  • Vacuum dry out

  • De-gassing

  • Oil replacement

  • Oil analysis

  • Transformer replacement

  • Substation battery testing

  • SF6 gas handling

  • Circuit breaker replacements

  • Infrared scanning

Past projects: a few examples

  • Maintenance testing

  • Annual transformer oil sampling

  • 600V air circuit breaker upgrades and overhauls

  • Commissioning Medium Voltage (MV) and Low Voltage (LV) boards

  • 69kV substation commissioning

  • Supplying and installing oil-filled transformers

  • Bulk oil circuit breaker replacement with SF6 circuit breaker

  • Protective relay upgrades