Government Facilities

Electrical Field Service for Government and Institutional Facilities

Keeping the power on for hospitals, courts, correctional facilities and other governmental institutions

Wismer & Rawlings has decades of experience providing expert maintenance, commissioning startup service and emergency repairs for hospitals, courts, correctional facilities and other institutions. Our field service personnel are trained and equipped with the latest technologies for analyzing and detecting faults and potential weaknesses in power systems, and making prompt, effective repairs or preventative measures.

Our objective is always to minimize outages and downtime, while enhancing the safety and performance of our clients’ electrical systems and the valuable equipment that they power.

As an independent testing agency, we provide unbiased, certified service, working to meet our clients’ schedules and budgets while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Electrical maintenance testing and shutdown planning

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit breakers

  • Transformers

  • Relay protection

  • Cable testing

  • Ground grid

Commissioning and startup service

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit breakers

  • Transformers

  • Relay protection

  • Cable testing

  • Ground grid

  • CSA Z32 testing for healthcare facilities

Engineering services

  • Protection and control design

  • Relay protection upgrades

  • Coordination studies

  • Short circuit studies

  • Arc flash studies

  • Power quality monitoring

  • Engineering support

Specialty services

  • Transformer replacement - dry core and oil filled

  • Substation battery testing

  • Circuit breaker replacements

  • Protective relay upgrades

  • Infrared scanning

Past projects: a few examples

  • Maintenance Testing

  • Annual transformer oil sampling

  • 600V air circuit breaker upgrades and overhauls

  • Supply and install dry core transformers

  • Protection relay upgrades

A BC Hydro Qualified Dual Vault Maintenance Contractor

Since January 2000, Worksafe BC has required BC Hydro to ensure that industry standard inspection and maintenance of dual radial vault switches/equipment is complete prior to operation. This requirement was adopted to reduce potential risks to BC Hydro employees. To fulfill this obligation, BC Hydro over the years has in turn required building owners and property managers to schedule electrical outages to their buildings periodically to facilitate inspection, cleaning and maintenance by qualified electrical contractors, employed by the building owners or property managers. Customers should be aware also that the failure of dual radial vault customers to comply with this maintenance work could potentially lead to unscheduled outages for customers whenever line switching or service work is required. BC Hydro personnel are prohibited from performing work in energized vaults that have not been properly maintained, which could result in service interruptions and impacts on customer operations. In addition, lack of maintenance to the dual radial vaults could lead to fire hazards and catastrophic equipment failures which ultimately are detrimental to customers, as well as BC Hydro and its employees.