Infra Red Scanning

Non-contact inspection of live power equipment and apparatus

Infrared Scanning: a preventative maintenance tool for detecting heat—and potential problems—in operational equipment. Detect problems without powering down!

Infrared scanning is a popular tool used to detect potential problems in many industries including oil and gas, mining, commercial buildings and manufacturing facilities. It is an effective non-contact technique for examining power equipment and apparatuses while they are fully operational. Infrared testing causes no disruption to plant operations, eliminating costly shutdown time.

Infrared scanning services

  • Electrical Switchboard Inspections
  • High Voltage Switchyard and Power Line Inspections
  • HV/LV Power Transformer Inspections
  • Busbar Ducting Inspections

Comprehensive reports

Our teams provide full, detailed reports of their findings, allowing your maintenance personnel to plan repairs or maintenance at a convenient time, with minimal impact on your operations. A typical report identifies:

  • Equipment Scanned
  • Hot spot problem area(s)
  • Comparison images of the equipment and the scanned hot-spot
  • Temperature comparison of hot spot compared to normal or reference area
  • Cause of heat rise
  • Phase imbalance
  • Recommended solutions