Battery Testing

Power Apparatus Battery and Charger Testing

Be prepared for a power outage: choose Wismer & Rawlings to verify your battery backup systems ability to rapidly respond to an outage.

When power is disrupted, you need to know that your downtime will be minimal and that your backup batteries will respond as they should. Commissioning and regular testing by Wismer & Rawlings will keep you aware of the condition of your batteries, so you can proactively protect your investments.

Our battery and battery charger commissioning and maintenance solutions include load testing and internal resistance testing for the power apparatus protective systems in industrial, utility, commercial, health care and data centre facilities.

Field battery backup testing services

  • Regular testing measures and records performance to track performance trends over time

  • Commissioning testing verifies factory specification proper operation

  • Testing for:

  • Cell float voltage

  • Internal DC cell resistance

  • Intercell connection resistance

  • Load testing for verify battery capacity

IEEE Compliant

Our tests and equipment are compliant with IEEE Recommended Practices for Battery Maintenance and Testing