Electrical Equipment Commissioning & Start-up

Commissioning and Startup Services for Electrical Equipment of All Voltage Classes

For any new electrical installation, proper testing and commissioning makes for a smooth startup, and ensures that the equipment is correctly configured and tested for reliable, efficient operation with a minimum of outages and downtime. At Wismer & Rawlings, we perform independent third-party commissioning and acceptance testing on all electrical equipment installations including HV Switchyards, MV Substations, LV distribution, E-Houses and Portable Substations.

Our field technicians are trained to commission and provide startup services on all manufacturers’ electrical equipment of any voltage class, including:

  • High Voltage (HV) 69kV to 500kV

  • Medium Voltage (MV) 2.4kV to 35kV

  • Low Voltage (LV) less than 750V.

HV switchyard and MV substation commissioning

Our complete substation commissioning and acceptance testing includes the following tests and more:

  • Indoor and outdoor testing

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit breakers

  • Current transformers and voltage transformers

  • Power Transformers

  • HV and LV switchboards

  • Protective Relays programming and secondary injection

  • Cables

  • Battery banks

  • Infrared scanning

  • Soil Resistivity tests

  • Ground grid testing by fall of potential method

  • Step and Touch calculations

Factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing and testing for Healthcare facilities

We also provide:

  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT),

  • Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) services,

  • Health Care Testing to CSA Z32 standards

Commissioning is to NETA standards and detailed reports are provided.