Equipment Upgrades, Modification, Life Extension

Upgrades and/or Modifications to Aging Electrical Equipment

Many existing power components can be upgraded to meet today’s standards for safety, efficiency and control. Our technicians can perform upgrades in the field or in the shop, to bring your relays, switchgear and other components to today’s standards—including developing custom solutions to fit into existing equipment.

Switchgear upgrades

Including protective relays, HV, MV and LV circuit breakers, isolation switches, motor control, transformers as well as bus bar and ancillary devices.

Protective relay upgrades

Many older electro-mechanical relays and trip devices can fail to trip. Upgrading these relays with solid-state trip devices and microprocessor-based relays from Schweitzer, GE Multilin, Basler, etc., can add life to your existing equipment.

Power circuit breaker upgrades

Mini and bulk oil breakers, and earlier vacuum technology MV and HV breakers are beyond their expected life cycle. We can engineer, design, and supply equipment that will fit into existing equipment, or add to an existing lineup.

Isolation switches

Components wear out and fail on isolation switches. Parts may be obsolete and many manufacturers no longer exist. We can provide and install new isolation switches into existing MV switchgear.

Motor control

As motor control sections fail, we can source and install new and used replacement parts.


Transformers age and insulation deteriorates over time. Manufacturers’ predicted end of life is 20 to 30 years, depending on maintenance and loading. We can supply and install oil filled and dry core transformers that fit into existing spaces.

Complete field or shop service

Our shops are equipped to overhaul circuit breakers and other equipment, including complete rebuilds of 600V air circuit breakers. Services include cleaning, repairs as required, re-plating of current carrying components and upgrading with an AC-Pro ( trip unit.

Testing is to NETA standards, with detailed reports included.