Ground System Testing

Thorough, accurate ground system testing for commercial and industrial power systems

Proper grounding is essential for a safe, reliable power system at any voltage level, on an industrial or commercial scale, and critical systems such as healthcare facilities. Our comprehensive testing ensures the safety of workers and the public, minimizes ground-related outages, and ensure the proper functioning of ground-sensitive equipment on the grid.

Wismer & Rawlings field teams are trained and equipped with the latest in testing technology to test and validate the grounding of any commercial, industrial or utility-grade power system at any voltage level. We are your assurance of a safe, reliable power supply.

Ground testing services

  • Fall of Potential tests

  • Step and Touch calculations and reports on 15kV and 25kV systems

  • Field Soil Resistivity (Ground Resistance) testing using Werner four-electrode method

  • Earth continuity testing

  • Earth Potential Rise (EPR) calculations and reports on 15kV and 25kV systems

  • Health Care Facility testing to CSA Z32 Standard

All our ground test equipment and procedures are compliant to all relevant safety standards.