Repairs, Diagnostics and Maintenance for Electrical Equipment

Mitigate costly power outages and reduce downtime with our experienced field crews and advanced test technology. We can diagnose and repair problems in electrical substation equipment from any manufacturer, from High Voltage (HV) 69kV to 500kV , to Medium Voltage (MV) 2.4kV to 35kV, and Low Voltage (LV) less than 750V.

Testing is to NETA standards, with detailed reports included.

HV switchyard, MV substation and LV board testing services

  • Indoor and outdoor testing

  • Disconnects

  • Circuit breakers

  • Current transformers and voltage transformers

  • Power transformers

  • HV and LV switchboards

  • Protective Relays programming and secondary infection

  • Cables

  • Battery banks

  • Infrared scanning

  • Ground grid testing