Power Transformer Service

Commissioning, Repairs, Diagnostics and Maintenance for Power Transformers

Extend the life and increase the ROI of power transformers with Wismer & Rawlings’ experienced field crews and advanced test technology. We can diagnose problems for proactive service and replacement—including service of the transformer’s insulating oil—through the transformer’s entire lifespan.

Power transformer maintenance, testing and repair services

  • Protective device testing, repair and replacement

  • HV insulation power factor and capacitance testing (Doble testing)

  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (Doble SFRA testing)

  • Ratio testing (TTR)

  • Winding and insulation testing

  • Insulation Resistance testing

  • Oil transformer leak detection and re-gasketing repair

  • Oil transformer radiator supply, repairs and replacements

  • Transformer Assembly

  • Oil transformer bushing supply, replacement and repairs

  • On-line and off-line tap changer overhauls and repairs

  • Factory and field witness testing

  • Supply replacement and install of oil and dry core transformers

  • Oil sampling, analysis and result interpretations

Insulating oil services

  • Vacuum filling

  • Gas removal

  • Particulate matter removal

  • Acidity correction

  • Moisture removal

  • Retrofills