Transformer Oil Filling & Treatment

Mobile oil treatment economically reclaims/pre-conditions transformer insulating oil

Extend the life of power transformers with insulating oil processing service. Our mobile High Vacuum Oil Purification units can economically purify and reclaim transformer oil onsite.

The quality of the insulating oil in a power transformer is critical to its electrical performance and reliability. As transformers age, various contaminants—caused by overheating, leaks, or other performance problems—can compromise the ability of the insulating oil to protect the transformer If these conditions are not detected and treated promptly, they can shorten the life of equipment and even lead to electrical failures.

Oil testing and diagnostics

Our mobile teams can sample and analyze insulating oil by sending the oil sample to specialized labs that use gas chromatographs, spectrometers, and other specialized testing equipment. The results indicate the type and severity of the contamination, and show the changes over time in a specific transformer’s oil performance.

Our field teams also make a thorough visual inspection of each transformer, inspecting for leaks, cracked bushings, inoperative gauges, low oil levels and other defects. We review the results and provide a thorough inspection report, analyzing prior performance history, usage and age of the transformer, and make recommendations for maintenance or repair.

Testing is to NETA standards, with detailed reports included.

Mobile oil services

  • Vacuum filling

  • Gas Removal

  • Particulate Matter Removal

  • Acidity Correction

  • Moisture removal

    • Oil handling and top up

    • Retro fills

    • Assistance with transformer builds and repair work

  • Oil sampling, analysis and result interpretations

  • Oil plant specifications